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Testimonials: Testimonials

I joined E3 Boot Camp last year in March. I needed to start working out after I hit 50 years of age and knew if I didn’t start using my muscles I would eventually lose them. I wanted to find a place that would help me with my get fit journey. E3 Boot Camp has helped me achieve my goals and continues to help me with my daily journey. I like that they introduce new workout programs, I like that they are creative with us to keep us all motivated to be the very best, and I really like that they hold us accountable to keeping fit. They help us with our health and wellness and educate us as to how to do things better, whether its diet or how to work out. They make working out fun and the best part they want us to be successful. E3 Boot Camp is the place you need to be at. Fun group of fitness instructors who take the time to get to know us and understand our needs.

Margaret L.

You see, at E3 boot camp, the trainers have taught me how to tone muscles, shred fat, gain healthy weight, slow and steadily lose body fat, build stamina and what a nutritional, healthy lifestyle REALLY looks like. What they don’t tell you are all the silent little perks that comes with such an adoption of change. They have taught me how to be confident in the body I am in. They have taught me how to appreciate my journey and where I am in it. They have taught me patience and acceptance. They have motivated me to continue when I wanted to give up. They will push me when I need a kick in the ass because they see the things in me that I haven’t been able to. They have taught me self-love, self-care and self-preservation.

Jessica C.

My journey at E3 Boot Camp hasn't been anything less than amazing!
I joined to lose weight, as we all do, but ended up obtaining so much more.
The team rewires the way you think about, weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise and that's when your real journey begins. If anyone would have told me 5 months ago that I would be almost addicted to working out, I would be still laughing, because I absolutely hated exercising. LOL! To date, I have gone from wearing a size 22W to a 14W. Not only has my body started to change and my confidence level is through the roof, but the journey has also reminded me that I am a Badass.   
Thank you, E3 Boot Camp,

Brenda B.

I began with E3 Bootcamp in October 2018. I was a little nervous but the trainers and other “boot campers” are all helpful. The trainers are all supportive and motivating. I love the workouts!! They are created with a challenge in mind, but they will help you modify if you need to.  Either way, you’re still dripping sweat and burning calories!! I feel like E3 Bootcamp is a little family. Trainers know your name and cheer you on! I look forward to the new workouts each time I go, and nothing gets boring. They also ensure you know how and what to eat to be successful. All in all, you have the support you need to succeed, you just have to put in the work!

Jena H,

When I first came to the E3 Boot Camp family, I was in sad shape. I had recently had major complications with my health that lead to recovery in a coma. It left me very weak and easily tired. Now, I have been to other gyms before, lots of them, and it always needed with me slowly circling the equipment with no clue as to what to do, how to do it, or what it really meant to push myself. I had such a negative self-view that I just allowed myself to get scared away. With this gym, however, it was different from the start. The staff took the time to get to know me. Why would they do that? It’s not like they will remember me, right? WRONG! This place is amazing. They get to know you, remember you, treat you like family, and work with you to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. I have been a member of this wonderful supportive group of like-minded folks for a while now. The staff and the other members are now some of my favorite people. I thank God every night for leading me to their door.
I am tough. I am confident. I am brave.

Katie B.

I spent my teenage years working out with a group of friends, and I loved the health benefits and friendships gained along the way.  As I grew older, my time became consumed with work and starting a family; my workout schedule slipped away.  Moving into my 50’s, I was frustrated with my decreasing metabolism and my ever-increasing waistline.  I knew from being a nurse that I needed to get into a regular fitness routine and to assess my failing nutritional status! Cooking had become my hobby, but I needed to stop the fad diets and gain further insight into making healthy meals, and I needed to be held accountable. So, one day I decided to check out E3 Bootcamp. Shaking in my shoes, I timidly entered the building thinking I was too old and too out of shape to join a boot camp. Jen quickly put me at ease as she explained about the 30-minute workouts (which could be modified depending on your fitness level), the meal plans (which included recipes and a shopping list), and, best of all, the highly qualified trainers! I decided to stomp my fear and get my life on track, so I signed on and this decision changed my life for the better! Fast forward one year, I am happy to report a well-appreciated weight loss, normal BMI, and tremendous increase in muscle tone. My clothes fit better, and I have enough energy to keep up with my small group of 12 second and third-grade students at Sunday school!

I have the E3 trainers to thank for their persistence, knowledge, positive attitudes and encouragement which makes the workouts something to look forward to. Coach Selena and my fellow boot campers are ‘crazy fun’ and we encourage each other to get through the workouts and to stay on track with our nutrition plans. I especially want to praise Coach Estee for his world-class personal training/strengthening/conditioning knowledge that he uses to create unique full body workouts which change up every day. He will make you sweat!

Embark/Engage/Empower…All this right here in Myrtle Beach!

Suzanne P.

So, I'll be 49 in a few days, and I just went to one of the hardest (for me, all cardio!) classes at the new E3 Bootcamp. Here's my update after completing one year with E3. First and most importantly: I did meet my earlier goal of getting off those last five pounds after I completed my six-week challenge. And, even better, I have maintained it! As of this morning, I am still 20+ pounds down from where I started on 2/26 of 2018. My blood pressure is "gorgeous" according to my doctor. I have lots of energy, and gloomy days aren't as gloomy (endorphins, people!). Hear me on this: I did not do it alone. I have lots and lots of help. The trainers at this facility are the best in the business, in my opinion. I've been to a few trainers around here, and while they are great at what they do, the trainers at E3 are personable, personal, motivational, and caring. They learn your name; They check in with you when you don't show up for a while; they ask if you need any assistance with your meal plan; they ask you to set a goal, whatever that means for you (not a "spreadsheet" goal) and they follow up to keep you on track. And the participants I've met are amazing people, too. We love to push each other in the classes I attend most often. If you are looking for a way to transform your attitude about fitness, E3 Bootcamp, hands down.

Marty S.

I moved to Myrtle in June of 2018 for work. I like staying active, so I looked for and found E3 Boot Camp via an online search. I did their 6-week challenge and really liked it, but I "thought" I could get the same results if I worked out on my own...I was mistaken. I couldn't get the intensity, nor the results that I got from E3 Boot Camp. So, after the new year, I joined back up. I feel it's worth every penny I spend, and the people are wonderful. I love the flexibility of the classes because of my crazy schedule. I feel certain they will help me reach my fitness goals and I really look forward to the daily workouts.

Jerry F.

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